How to prime a pool pump!

When re-installing a pool pump it must be primed so it is full of water and ready to operate. The water flowing through the pool pump helps keep it cool so a lack of water flow can cause serious damage.

a)First reconnect the pump and both the suction (from pool) and outlet (to filter) pipes to it.
b)Cartridge filters – ensure your cartridge is clean first.
Sand filters or DE filters – turn filter multiport handle to recirculate or auxiliiary filter.
c)Remove the clear hair and lint pot lid from the front of the pump. Fill the pump as much as possible with water and replace the lid.
d)Switch on the pump. Within 30 seconds to a minute water should start pouring into the pump and you should start seeing bubbles coming out of the return jets in the pool. If the hair and lint pot on the pump is empty after this time, stop the pump and repeat steps c and d.
e)If pump remains full when switched off and starts pumping immediately when turned back on then your pump is now primed. Switch the pump off, turn the handle back to filter (sand or d/e) and then turn it back on and you are back in business.


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