Daisy Pool Covers

Daisy Pool Covers has steadily grown to become Australias largest supplier of quality pool covers and roller systems.  Our success is based on a simple promise: quality you can trust and service you can rely on.  Daisy Pool Covers is a technology-driven organisation that’s constantly striving to provide the best possible products at competitive prices.

Daisy Pool Covers

Daisy Pool Covers

Daisy Solar Pool Blankets with exclusive UltraDomeTMbubble technology are the first real advance in solar pool blanket design for years.  Daisy UltraDomeTM Solar Pool Blankets are made stronger to last longer, and our newextended warranties reflect this superior quality.  Our domestic 5 Star Roller range features superior design and components. They are easy to install and simple to use – and guarantee years of trouble-free operation.

Daisy Pool Covers is so confident of the quality of our products we make you this promise: “If you have a problem with any Daisy product, Call us and We’ll Fix It.

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What a Daisy Solar Blanket can do for you

  • Exclusive UltraDomeTM technology eliminates weak points.
  • Supertoughened polyethylene resists salt, sun and chemicals.
  • Cut evaporation by 97%.
  • Warm your pool free by up to 8C giving you months more swimming time.
  • Help keep out leaves and dirt.
  • Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
  • Reduce pool heating costs.
  • Roll on or off in 30 seconds with a Daisy Roller System.

daisy2 daisy1

Measuring Your Pool

1. Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width and length of the main body of water.

2. If you have any steps, then measure the step area separately as set out below.

3 .If you have a shaped pool, treat as rectangular as per the examples below:

daisyms1 daisyms2

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