Cloudy Pool?

Water can go cloudy for two reasons. One is a chemical imbalance and the other is suspended solids.  After super-dosing a pool with chlorine to kill algae it is very common for the pool to go cloudy. This is a combination of both problems. The dead algae will make the pool cloudy and as a result of the excess chlorine the pH will have risen, also affecting clarity. How do we fix it? The first thing to do in all cases is check the pH level of your pool. In most cases the pool just needs acid and by running the filter for a day the pool will return to normal. If this is not the case there are a number of products which can help you. Floc or Alum is thrown in your pool with the pump off. It gathers all the suspended solids and drops it to the bottom. After 24 to 48 hours when the pool is clear you can vacuum this dirt to waste. Those with a sand filter will benefit from the use of a pool blue block. The blue blocks contain clarifiers and other chemicals and when placed in the skimmer basket they help the filter collect more of these particles. The very simplest solution of all is of course just to run the filter continuously until it clears and will save you buying chemicals, however do get your water tested just to make sure everything is chemically balanced.
Disconnect any automatic pool cleaners as these will continually stir up the dirt and will make the pool take longer to clear. If you have a sand filter you may find that when you vacuum the dust from the bottom it returns to the pool. This means the dust is most likely topsoil and is finer than the sand in your filter. This dust may need to be vacuumed to waste. This problem can also occur with the residue from low quality powdered chlorine. This residue can be stirred up by your cleaner and will make the pool water milky white. Disconnecting the cleaner and running the filter will settle this residue to the bottom but it will have to be vacuumed to waste. This is why we recommend you use either low residue american granular chlorine or liquid chlorine. Even though the low residue chlorine may appear expensive you will use significantly less making it much more cost effective.
A correct pH, chlorination and continuous filtration (24Hrs if possible) with the cleaner disconnected should clear any pool within days.
If your pool is still cloudy after 3-4 days check that your filter is working and that the water is still balanced. Inadequate water flow will affect filtration efficiency.


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