Leaking Pumps

Any leaks around your pool equipment are a bad sign. A continuous leak or drip can cause corrosion and long term damage to your equipment.

The most common leaks occur from the discharge of the pump (the pipe connection on top of the pump) where the water goes from the pump into the filter. A leak here will drip down onto the motor and can cause corrosion and damage to the motor casing, surrounds, endshield and bearings.

If you have difficulty removing the lid of your pump remember to tighten all of the union connections when finished. When you are trying to open that lid the pump will often rock back and forth and this will loosen the union connections, especially the discharge. This can mean the next time the pump operates it will leak onto the motor.

The other common leak is from the pump seal and water will leak from underneath where the pump and motor sections join. This can occur due to old age or if the pump is run without water for any period of time.

Pump Checking Steps [PDF]


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