AquaQuip Lights

apc_whitePool lights can be temperamental. They can be affected by water if they leak, and the globe must not be touched by your hands or it may blow. They cannot be lit out of water as they use the pool water to keep them cool, which works well but it can also lead to condensation forming inside the light. Common practice tends to suggest that running your light(s) regularly, not even for long (e.g. 1 hr daily), will keep them dry from condensation and should help the globes to last longer.

The design of Aquaquip surface mounted underwater lights makes them compatible with most existing light fightings and their design reduces the risk of leaks and blown globes. Now available with LEDs.

AquaQuip Surface Mounted Underwater Lights

Aquaquip pool lights have:

  • quick change globe facility
  • leak proof design
  • patented air expansion chamber
  • large diameter moulded reflector
  • long life quartz halogen globe
  • tough one-piece polycarbonate lens

A wide range of colours and cable lengths are available.

apc_clear apc_blue apc_green apc_red apc_white

Aqua-Quip pool lights are easy to install, easy to repair and easy to look after.

They also come as a conversion kit which can be adapted to replace any existing pool light. 

AquaQuip pool lights are 24V 150W although the conversion models can be made to suit your existing transformer.

Visit AquaQuip on the web.



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