Can I claim it on insurance?

Insurance policies can vary from company to company so it is important to check what is covered.
Theft of goods is covered by most insurance policies and covers products like pool cleaners and filters.
Filters are not usually covered for any form of damage as they are a passive product. If they break, split or leak and it is not a manufacturing fault covered under warranty then it may not be covered.
Pumps are sometimes covered under fusion however this requires the motor to be fused and does not include seized bearings, old age, corrosion or any other damage. Fire or storm damage to equipment is often fully covered while fused pumps are depreciated as below.

When claiming insurance there are a few important things to take into consideration:
a) How old is the product?
Pool equipment is generally depreciated at 10% per year making it worthless after 10 years. You may only be paid the depreciated worth not the full replacement value.
b) Do you have an excess or no-claim bonus?
If you have an excess (usually $100 – $300) or a no-claim bonus consider whether it is worth lodging a claim.

Pumps today can range from $350-$700 for most home swimming pools. After depreciating the value for age and deducting your excess will it be worth claiming?

Contact your insurance company for more information.


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