S M Dunn

S M Dunn has been supplying shearing drives and equipment to the agricultural industry for over 30 years.

Originally made from cow gut, we make long flexible driveshafts for commercial shearing systems.  Today these are made from Nylon and come in yellow, red or black based on flexibility.

We have made drives for Listers and Sunbeam and we still supply shearing drives mainly to New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

We also can supply hand held Heiniger electric shears, standard shears, cutters or combs.  We can supply both 12V and 240V handheld shears. 12V shears have less power, so are only suitable for small numbers of sheep.  The 240V shears are our most popular.

For shearing equipment enquiries contact S M DUNN on
(+61 2) 9791 9997