Which Pool Cleaner?

All pool cleaners are not the same.  To get the best value for your money and low maintenance for your pool it is important you choose the correct pool cleaner.  For more information contact us, or visit our showroom, and we can help determine the best pool cleaner for your pool.


What is the difference between cleaners?

Suction cleaners work off the pressure of your pump, sucking the dirt and leaves through a 38mm hose into your skimmer box.  Due to the size of the hose, your skimmer and your pump basket they can only handle a certain amount of leaves.  If you have lots of leaves you will need to empty the skimmer basket on your pool very regularly (often daily).  A leaf strainer like the Baracuda Leaf Eater can help to stop your skimmer basket clogging and your pump running out of water.  Most suction cleaners are very reliable due to the small number of moving parts.  The Baracuda cleaners all have only one moving part, an easily replaceable diaphragm which pulses quietly to move your cleaner around the pool.

Pressure cleaners work by using the flow from your pump to blow or scoop the leaves into a big bag which can hold much more than your skimmer and if blocked will not stop your pool working.  These can be up to approx 120mm in diameter and can take much larger leaves and debris.  Some models require their own booster pump for adequate pressure which can be hard to retro-fit to old pools, but other models like the Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 or the Polaris 360 will run off your normal pool pump.

The Poolrite Manta, Zoltan, Algae-Eater, Kreepy-Krauly, Hayward Ultra or Questa Mini/Maxi Vac all operate similiar to the Zodiac Baracuda.  The Hayward and Questa cleaners operate differently to the other suction cleaners by using a programmed gear mechanism.  While this programmed method can work better in standard shaped pools they can be expensive to repair.  The Jetvac or Legend operate similiar to the Polaris pressure cleaners.


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