Building a pool

When building a pool we always recommend doing your research. Consumer sites like or the Department of Fair Trading can help you avoid trouble-plagued companies. The most important thing when building a pool is to ensure your contract is fair, complete and includes the appropriate equipment. The SPASA contract checklist identifies what to look for in your contract.

While we do not build pools we can provide consultancy services to those building their own pool or for those who wish to have their contract independantly checked. We can provide plumbing services and equipment. In some cases it can be better to get your pool built without equipment and purchase appropriate equipment separately. This can not only save you money but allow you to choose better or more appropriate equipment than what may be provided in the standard package.

Contact us and make an appointment to come in and see us. With over 40 years experience in the pool industry we can ensure you get the pool you really want.


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