Pump Not Working

It is always advisable to first empty your skimmer basket and the basket in your pump (most – not all above ground pools) and clean the filter if you do not seem to be getting enough pressure. Sometimes these can make it appear the pump is not working properly. If the motor is working and the pump is full of water but it is not pushing it through (and your pressure is zero) then you may have a broken impeller. If it is emptying out but not filling up you are sucking air into the pump. This can be from the lid of the pump, the pipe at the front, or the skimmer box. A hole in your vacuum hose or a low water level can also make a pump run out of water.

If your pool motor has stopped and is humming, or is not pumping properly it may have an internal fault, bearings and mechanical seals are common. In which case it is recommended to bring it in to our service centre or to contact us for more specific help. Leaking or a noisy (squealing) pump are also signs of this. Bearings in a pool pump are sealed and if they rust or the oil dries out they will get noisy then seize. Usually this can be repaired and is common on older pumps.

If your pump is over 10 years old, shows signs of rust, wear or damage it might be worth considering a new pump, check out our range of Davey pool pumps. Many of the older motors are unavailable now and it is cheaper in most cases to replace the entire pump.

Insurance will only cover pumps damaged by electrical fusion, if included on your policy. The amount you receive is usually calculated on a pump depreciating 10% per year. With many pumps now under $500, you will find with the cost of the excess it is usually better not to make a claim, as this could also affect a no-claim bonus.


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