Test Kit Instructions

Missing the instructions on your test kit. Here is a refresher.

Solution 1 (yellow)- No longer available now DPD1 Tablet
Solution 2 (red)
Solution 3 (clear lid)
Solution 4 (blue lid)
Solution 5 (green lid)

Chlorine Test
Fill small 10mL container and drop in one tablet (DPD1).
Solution will go purple to indicate chlorine.

pH Test
Fill the other vial to the high mark.
If there is a high chlorine level add a couple of drops of neutraliser (solution 5). If normal, add 1 drop.
For 10mL containers add 2 drops of phenol red (solution 2), 25mL containers use 5 drops.
Solution will change from yellow to purple to indicate pH.

Acid Demand
Complete pH test as indicated above.
Add, by the drop, solution 3 until the solution changes to the ideal color.
In a 50,000 pool for each 2 drops it requires to bring the pH down to the correct level add 500mL of acid.

Alkalinity Test
The large pH containers often have a lower mark for alkalinity, otherwise use a 10mL container.
Add 2-3 drops of solution 4.
Add, by the drop, solution 3 until the solution changes from blue to clear or yellow.
Multiply the number of drops of solution 3 used by 10 and this is your total alkalinity level.

Water Balancing Software
To determine whether your software is correctly balanced use our free water testing software which uses the Langelier index to ensure your water is scientifically balanced. See our software.


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