Sydney Water Restrictions

For those living in the Sydney, Illawarra and Blue Mountains areas, mandatory water restriction have been in place since October 2003. The latest information on water restrictions is available from Sydney Water [link below].

Level 3 restrictions (June 1, 2005) do not affect the topping up of pools but do affect the filling of new or renovated pools.  You must apply for a permit to fill a new or renovated pool over 10,000 litres. You must apply for a permit to fill a new or renovated pool. A renovated pool is one which has had substantial changes to it’s shape or major additions to the structure. To obtain a permit you will need to install indoor water efficient appliances, which are available from Sydney Water.

You ARE allowed to leave a hose unattended filling a pool or spa.  You may also hose hard surfaced areas briefly if any chemical has been spilt, if brooms or other waterless alternatives cannot clean up the spill.

You ARE allowed to fill a pool or spa, as long as waterwise procedures are adopted.  The amount of evaporation in your pool does not change with the depth of the water.  As a result we recommend customers allow their pools to fill with rainwater or to fill them with a hose to a higher level.  This means it will be a lot longer before you have to add water to your pool again and it also means there is less chance of damage to your equipment from lack of water.

Fix any leaks in your pool or spa.  If you are losing more than 1″ of water a week you may have a leak.  Check the backwash line (to the drain) and the equipment for leaks when the system is operating.

Spas must be emptied every 4 months for health requirements.  There is no way to avoid this without the water becoming unhealthy.  Use the water to water your lawns and gardens.  Properly sanitised pool or spa water is healthier than tap water.

Backwash only when necessary and if possible run the water onto a lawn or garden.  Properly sanitised pool or spa water is healthier than tap water.

Cartridge or D/E filter elements should be cleaned on a grass area witha hose that has an on/off trigger nozzle or similiar and, if possible, with a device that limits the flow of water to 10 litres or less per minute [required for exempt businesses].

Cartridge filters use less water than a sand or diatomaceous earth filter.  To hose a cartridge using a pressure cleaner or jet nozzle should only require up to 15 litres of water.  Backwashing a filter can use up to 350 litres per minute.

Solar Covers can help reduce the amount of evaporation from a pool however they may not suit all pools. A suction cleaner will not operate properly underneath a solar cover and solar covers will still allow leaves to sink into the pool. See Information section for more on solar covers.

See: Sydney Water


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