Dosing Pumps

Dosing pumps are one of the most cost effective and simple chlorinators available. A basic dosing pump simply pumps chlorine from a drum into your plumbing when the filter is operating. Your filter will dispense this chlorine back into the pool. You can adjust the rate at which these pumps disense chlorine to adjust for different weather conditions or seasons. Some units even have a super dose button which usually doses over a litre of chlorine.
pH dosing pumps are also available to dose acid to manage your pH level.

Dosing pumps run when your filter does, so they can distribute the chlorine carefully throughout the day. This means your pool is getting chlorine when it needs it and it also means you can reduce your chlorine usage. A dosing pump can often use only 500-750ml a day. 60L drums are also available saving you from looking after the chlorine for months. Our delivery men can also fill your 60L drum rather than leaving you with new small ones and will remove the empties so you won’t even have to touch chlorine. Delivery is free in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Dosing pumps are also simple. A basic unit consists of a single squeeze tube, which is the pump, and two tubes for intake and output. It has a dial for speed adjustment and a piggy back power cord. They are reliable and very simple to repair and maintain.

For those who want the ultimate in maintenance free pools, more complex models are available. These can not only chlorinate your pool, but also maintain the pH. Some units even have digital readouts which allowing setting and monitoring of ORP (chlorine) and pH levels at any time.


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