Copper/Silver Ionisers

Copper and silver based ionisers purify water by creating free ions of silver and copper in the water. This method has been used for centuries and even today silver is used to purify water on passenger ships, airlines and oil rigs worldwide. Copper is the base of most algaecides and is good at preventing algal growth while silver is used in medicine for it’s antibacterial properties. By using these two ions together you can help keep water clear and clean. In conjunction with an ioniser a shock treatment of some kind is required to actually disinfect the water. This can include things like monopersulfate compounds or chlorine

Most people choose an ioniser because they do not want to use chlorine. Unfortunately you still have to use a sanitiser that is chlorine or similar as copper and silver alone will not constitute healthy water. The Nature 2 system is different to most ionisers in that it is a replaceable unpowered cartridge which releases ions in the water and is designed to be used in conjunction with chlorine to improve sanitation and help keep your pool clean, clear and healthy all year round.

For those who are looking for a chlorine alternative, it is important to note that there are not many chemical sanitisers as effective as chlorine, or as safe. No alternatives for chlorinated chemicals or products are carcinogen free. For more information read our help section regarding chlorine or contact us for what would be the best option in your situation.

* 2004 – NEWS – The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Association (APVMA), the sanitiser regulation authority, has warned that copper and silver ionisers are not effective by themselves and must be used in conjunction with a registered sanitiser, essentially chlorine or bromine. This sanitiser must be maintained at the normal recommended levels.

Nature 2 was the first product to be affected by these changes and has modified it’s labelling on new products to suit. It was already designed to be used in conjunction with chlorine. Using a Nature 2 in conjunction with a salt chlorinator or liquid dosing pump can help your chlorinator cope with higher temperatures and high bather loads with relatively low maintenance.

The APVMA is now investigating other copper and silver ionisers available, as they are required to seek approval as a sanitiser. I will update this site as any further information becomes available.

New APVMA guide for demonstrating efficacy of pool and spa sanitisers – 28 July 04

New Guidelines
There is now a new set of guidelines for the approval of new pool and spa sanitisers. They must be an effective sanitiser against a list of recommended organisms and pass specified laboratory tests and a field trial. These new guidelines provide a standard for the approval of all sanitisers whether copper/silver based or chlorine/bromine based.

Important APVMA update on use of copper/silver ionisers – 24 December 2004
The APVMA has been advised by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to allow Poolfresh and Aquabrite Ionising rods and
oxidisers to be sold however suppliers must warn you about the APVMA’s concerns over the effectiveness of copper/silver ionisers and recommend the use of chlorine in conjunction with these systems. This also effects Floatron solar powered floating ionisers.


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